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Reconciler came into this world on December 14th, 2017, full of innocent dreams and aspirations. Currently enrolled in kindergarten at Precious English Medium School, his heart is set on becoming a soldier one day. Among all the subjects taught, Mathematics holds a special place in his heart.

In a family of two children, Reconciler is fortunate to have both his parents by his side. However, their hearts are burdened with the weight of financial struggles, and the dreams they hold for their children seem like a distant mirage. Despite their efforts, the meager income from running a small shop in their neighborhood is simply not enough to afford the education their children deserve.

This family, filled with love and hope, is caught in the grasp of uncertainty. They long for a brighter future for Reconciler and his sibling, yet the shadows of financial constraints loom large. In their daily battle to make ends meet, the road to fulfilling their children's dreams feels like an uphill climb.

Reconciler's parents, with heavy hearts, carry on, driven by the love they hold for their children. With each passing day, they seek the strength to overcome the hurdles and create a path towards a better life, where their children's aspirations can come true. In the midst of their struggles, they cherish the glimmer of hope that one day, their son may wear the uniform of a soldier, standing tall as a testament to their resilience and determination.